I come from a little sandswept town known as La Quinta, California. After high school, I moved to Santa Barbara and earned my BA in Literature & Creative Writing from the UCSB College of Creative Studies. I had always dreamt of snow and castled landscapes, so in 2013 I ran away to Poland, where I would spend four wild and whacky years working as an EFL teacher in the towns of Rybnik and Żory. In 2017, I moved to Scotland and received my Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh in 2018. The past year or so I’ve finally been working diligently towards publishing my writing, and here you can find a list of every website or magazine where you can find my work either online or in print. I mostly write poetry, but I do dabble in fiction and non-fiction from time to time. You may also find a few blog posts here from time to time revealing my innermost workings.  You may also find me in a stable from time to time. You’ll certainly find I spend a lot of hours playing video games. You might find me one day in a bar, in the middle of nowhere, drinking beer. You will definitely not find me on Twitter.

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